From Muddy Waters to Lorelei in East Liberty on a date night!

Location 124 South Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15206

After being tested on whether I was having west coast or east coast oysters at Muddy Waters, my boyfriend and I strolled around East Liberty on a warm Thursday night to Lorelei close by. To note, I did guess correctly on whether I was trying west or east coast oysters. It’s a little skill I think I have with all my travels around the United States for work.

Date of Trial April 18, 2019



East Liberty, Pittsburgh

Entering the high ceiling, crowded, yet intimate two-room space, you feel welcome and relaxed.

drink 1.jpg

Purchased the Citrus-y Diomedes

Includes vodka, aquavit, pomegranate shrub, lemon, caraway, peppercorn

Wednesday and Thursday: 5-11 p.m. (Kitchen until 10 p.m.)

Friday: 5-Midnight (Kitchen until 11 p.m.)

Saturday: Beer Hall 1-Midnight, Cocktail Bar 4-midnight (Kitchen 4-11 p.m.)


Overall - A

Items below are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest)

  • Presentation - 4

  • Boldness - 3

  • Sweetness - 2

  • Price - $10.00

There is no taste of overwhelming liquor but instead a hint of lemon and kick of rosemary delights as you put your mouth to the rim of the glass.

Asked the waitress for a mint-y, vodka drink

Received this dashing artwork - delightful to the last drop!


Nancy “Brew” Geronian