DeFer never disappoints - this matcha cinnamon creation was a treat! 🍵

Date of Trial May 16, 2019

Location DeFer Coffee & Tea, 2002 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Fun Fact about Me

I never had any pets growing up unless a beta fish counts. I had my first pet (shared pet) when my roommate in D.C. purchased a Russian Blue cat named Moony. Since then I have adored cats and even adopted one for myself earlier this year named Earl. Well, my twin sister also slowly got into the pet lovin’ vibes and adopted a cat named Lori a couple years ago and recently as of last year adopted a Shiba Inu named…


How precious is Matcha?

How precious is Matcha?

Cute, adorable but with a punch!

Cute, adorable but with a punch!

Purchased Matchatado (4 oz)

The Ratings

Overall - A+

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  • Presentation - 4

  • Boldness - 4

  • Sweetness - 4

  • Price - $4.50

This 4 oz warm deliciousness is half & half, matcha, cinnamon and vinilla. Simple yet effective!

Decadent matcha goodiness!

Decadent matcha goodiness!


-Nancy “Brew” Geronian